Vanilla Visuals is formed from a vibrant collective of animators, illustrators, video producers and technical engineers. All based in the city of Bristol, Britain’s fastest growing and most exciting creative hub!

The team are individually passionate and invested in their roles, but equally love working together to achieve fantastic outcomes. Our main goal is to put a smile on our clients faces!

Established in the summer of 2014, the company director Gina Tratt had a vision of collaborating with fellow designers to produce cutting edge visuals, to cater for the growing demand of spectacles at live events.

Soon after the company began, clients arrived with diverse needs which has allowed us to become accustomed to providing animations for a wide variety of mediums.
Because Vanilla Visuals is a small company, it means our focus remains on one or two projects at a time, ensuring full attention to individual clients. It also means you will get close contact with the designers, so that ideas and developments aren’t lost in translation by trickling through lots of business and marketing managers. Another benefit of our small company is that our overheads are less steep than larger businesses, and in return we do our best to ask for reasonable prices from customers.

Overall, we want to create a friendship with our clients, so that everyone can speak openly and honestly about the project, and have fun along the way!

We often work together with the following companies, who are able to provide fantastic facilities or services such as film studios, sound equipment and structural backdrops/props.

Jam Packed Website

Tangleface Arts Website

We also wanted to mention our fantastic web designer, Sam Oakley, who we highly recommend for anything web or social media related! Here’s a link to his company website, Starterup:

Starterup Website