Explainer Video // Imeta

We were commissioned by RMP Filmmakers to work on the design, animation and audio for this project. The video explains to potential new clients (such as banks) how the software helps with the onboarding process. For more information, visit http://www.rmpfilmmakers.com

3D Product demonstration // Aditi

A 3D animation giving viewers an understanding of how the product functions. The video was created for both social media platforms and also as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

3D Product Demonstration // The Whirlpool

We were asked to produce three stages of animation to represent different levels of a crowd funder campaign. This involved modelling the installation in 3D software, animating it build up in layers and visualising it in different scenarios. This is a really cool installation which travels around UK festivals events! More information: www.facebook.com/4dinteractive/

Infographic Presentation // Food Industry

We helped a well-known food company create an animated explainer video to present to their clients. (Due to disclosure we’re unable to show the completed video, but have re-worked some imagery so you can view the infographic style). For this particular project we were commissioned through RMP Filmmakers. http://www.rmpfilmmakers.com

Explainer Video // Superior Seals

We were commissioned by RMP Filmmakers to work on the design, animation and audio for this project. The video is aimed at young people who may be interested in joining Superior Seal’s Academy programme. For more information, visit http://www.rmpfilmmakers.com

Infographics // HearAngel

Infographic diagrams and presentation illustrations created for HearAngel’s website and brochures. www.hearangel.com

Explainer Video // HDM Pro

An introduction to HDM Pro – a whiteboard style explainer video, aimed at businesses to protect their employees hearing.

Explainer Video // 21 Pictures

21 Pictures is an intuitive dating website that uses pictures as a way of giving a first impression online. They needed a video to go on their homepage and ensure new customers understood exactly how the site worked, in a simple and quick manner.