Music Video // Pattern Pusher

An upbeat mixed-media animated music video. Photography by Pattern Pusher, animation and editing by Vanilla Visuals.

Music Videos & Visuals // Painted Lady

We have been working on Painted Lady’s branding style to enhance their online presence, along with live videos and animated pattern videos continuing these design characteristics. The style utilises hand-drawn shapes and kaleidoscopic arrangements, with a touch of faded retro colouring.

Animated Music Video // FOSCLE

A futuristic, dreamlike music video for the electronic artist Tudor Acid. We used a mixture of 2D and 3D production techniques to create a fusion of styles and patterns. The main character was originally designed by the illustrator, Beau Hulse (

Stage Visuals // Jam Packed

We are working closely with events company Jam Packed, to put on visuals during their live shows. Each video/animation we create is tailored to the band on the night, and incorporates imagery to fit with the theme and event promotion.

Infographics // HearAngel

Infographic diagrams and presentation illustrations created for HearAngel’s website and brochures.

Kickstarter Campaign // 21 Pictures

21 Pictures is an intuitive dating website that uses pictures as a way of giving a first impression online. In order to raise funds to build their mobile app, they started a Kickstarter campaign. We created the video so that viewers could quickly understand what the campaign involved and how it would help evolve the company.