LED Board Advertising // Xbox One

We were commissioned by AIM Sport AG to create an advert focussing on the latest black and white Xbox consoles and controllers (2017), and their association with FC Real Madrid.

LED Board Advertising // World Cup 2014 // Adidas Samba

Working with AIM Sport, this campaign was set to be a widely international perimeter advert, displayed and broadcast at over 90 clubs worldwide. The advert exhibited all four boots within the Adidas Samba range, flowing seamlessly into one another.

LED Board Advertising // Basketball // BayWa

BayWa are a large German farming company, and we worked on an ad campaign for them with AIM Sport (sports marketing agency). The advert was televised at basketball matches, and tells the audience about their love of farming and production of cereals.

LED Billboard // Jeep Renegade 2015

In collaboration with AIM Sport AG, we produced an animated billboard display at Frankfurt Airport, showing the new Jeep Renegade in a mixture of environments.

LED Board Advertising // Sports Stadiums // Samsung Galaxy S5

We worked in collaboration with AIM Sport (sports marketing agency) to produce this perimeter advert for Samsung. It was created specially to be played at high level international matches, such as the El Clásico (Real Madrid Vs Barcelona).